Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adir Winery

Combining four decades of agricultural experience, professional winemaking expertise and a spirit of grandeur, Adir wines are made with undivided attention. This family-owned and operated winery benefits from years of agricultural precision along with a true, hands- on knowledge of the land. From planting through growing, selection, harvesting, crushing and bottling, all processes are defined and controlled according to the highest professional standards. Making sure the utmost care is taken each step of the way- every bottle is an expression of the the expertise of a professional winery combined with the personal touch that only a family business can offer.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tulip Winery

In Kfar Tikva ("Village of hope"), one of the most unique and exciting projects in Israel has been developed - an exclusive family owned winery that specializes in producing premium wines while at the same time contributing to the community. In 2003 the Itzhaki family decided to establish Tulip Winery.

"A profound love for wine encouraged us to embark on the adventure of wine making. We sought an appropriate place to establish the winery and to our great joy we were given the opportunity to combine the fulfillment of our dream of establishing the winery, while at the same time contributing to the community."

The family chose to situate the winery in "Kfar Tikva", near their home in Kiryat Tivon (near the city of Haifa). Kfar Tikva is a residential community that constitutes a unique model in Israel and worldwide. It is a community in which people with disabilities and special needs can develop and realize their potential. Tulip Winery has become an integral part of that vision by employing members of the community and giving them the opportunity to work in the winery and to be a part of the wine industry.

Tulip Winery's goal is to produce value for money, top quality wine with no compromises. From choosing the finest vineyards in Israel, through utilization of the most advanced technologies and production processes and ageing the wine in premium oak barrels. Tulip Winery provides its customers with high quality wines at affordable prices.